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Fox Valley Orion ASHA#22582-S

Fox Valley Orion was born June 7, 1990 in Marengo, IL at Fox Valley Farms. His breeder was Thomas J. Srmt. Orion's dam was Iddon House Black Opal and his sire was the big gray RHYD-y-Groes Premier King. Orion was sold to Al Dill of Father Hill Farm in Greensboro, GA in October 1991 and then again sold to James A. S. Alexander of Black Park Shires in Bloomfield, ON Canada in June 1996. Orion was lastly sold in October 2008, to Clark Jenson of Jenson Shires in Blair, NE. Clark had intentions of collecting Orion's semen to freeze, but unfortunately Orion sadly died in 2009 before Clark could collect from him.

Orion was a amazing grey stallion that stood 18.2 hands. During his 12 years with Black Park Shires, Orion produced some of the top quality Shires in both the USA and Canada.

Stay posted as we add more about Orion's life and off-spring.

Fox Valley Orion at 18 Years Old
Fox Valley Orion

Orion's Pedigree

Lymm Patch 45179
Alneland Masterpiece 45288
Mrs. Joe 22247-M
RHYD-Y-Groes Premier King
22164-S (Grey)
Stanley House Black Prince 45277
Gorefield Fashion 2nd 139789
Stanley House Geannie 139516
Crossfield's Supreme 45089
Edingale Empera 45457
Dollas Model 139190
Iddon House Black Opal 22410-M
Grove Superior 45422
Iddon House Black Pearl 140808
Cooper House Opal 140187
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