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Welcome to Wade Farm's Royal Knight Shires

Located in beautiful Bedford County, Virginia, we are breeders of the magnificent Shire Horse. We breed, train and use our Shires for farming and hitching. We also offer harnessing, hitching, and driving clinics.

A true "gentle giant", the Shire is renowned for its docile temperament and strong work ethic. Having a broad forehead and large, prominent and docile eyes, the Shire is one of the smartest and most easygoing of the draft breeds. When properly trained, a Shire rarely forgets it teaching, even if out to pasture for extended periods, when it is time to work or ride, the Shire will deliver. With today’s busy lifestyles and time constraints, a Shire is the horse to own, it will consistently perform time after time.

Whether you plan to drive, ride or just keep as a backyard pet, the Shire is the draft horse for you. Contact us to learn more about Shires or to find out what we have for sale.

Royal View Sensational Thomas "TJ"
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