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Wade Farms is situated on 80 acres in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Bedford County, Virginia which is the home of the beautiful National D-Day Memorial, the Peaks of Otter, and Smith Mountain Lake.

Purchased in 1972 by the Wade's, it was used as part of their Beef Cattle operation.

They operated as a beef cattle farm until 1996 when all cattle and equipment was sold due to family illness and no longer was able to take care of the cattle operation.

For the next 10 years, the farm was rented on and off to various farmers that used the pasture for grazing their cattle. Then in 2006, after the passing of his father, we decided that it was time for us to move down and make this land an operational farm again.

We moved our few horses down, and for the next year, we remodeled the big hay barn and built fences.

In 2007, we purchased our first Shire Draft Horses, a 4-month old stallion, and a Shire mare. The next year, two more mares were added and we have continued to grow our Shire herd.

For the next 5 years we would make hay on about 45 acres and use the rest for pasture. Several months before our mares were due to foal, we would move them to our house where we could keep a close eye on them.

Then in March, 2010, we began building our house, a horse barn and another shop. Two years later we were able to make our official move, and combine all horses in one location.

We are currently using approximately 40 acres for pastures for our Shire draft horses and cutting approximately 35 acres for our hay.

We strive to breed the best quality Shires, focusing on disposition and conformation. Our goal also is to promote and educate others about the Shire and the versatility of this magnificent breed.

Our foals are imprinted from birth and handled daily. We use natural horsemanship training techniques to teach our Shires to drive single, double and ride. Our goal is to make all of them traffic and parade safe by exposing them to as many sights and sounds as possible. Our Shires are happy, enjoy working and are a pleasure to be around.

If you would like to learn more about the Shire Draft Horse, please contact us or you can visit the American Shire Horse Association website.

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